Monday, July 9, 2012

What Is Physical Mediumship

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Physical mediumship produces different manifestations and many effects that feature in our material senses, that which can be seen, heard or touched. Some of these effects include the transportation of bodies and objects, the movement of inert things, sounds, direct writing, healing and so on.  To make physical mediumship possible, a medium of physical effects must be available. The spirit then uses the fluids produced from the medium and mixes them with its magnetic fluids to get the force that makes the phenomena possible. It is believed that the principles of life dwell in the universal fluid; the fluid is the main catalyst to spiritual revelations and that it also gets its strength from the spirits. When the fluid is condensed, it is believed that a perispirit resides in it. Whenever the fluid is in an incarnated state, it’s united with the body unlike when it’s free in an erratic state.

During the process of physical mediumship, an object is set in motion, it’s then carried away or raised above in the air; the spirit saturates it using its fluid together with that of the medium. In this phenomenon, the object in subject acts as a living being without a will of its own; it obeys all the impulsions conveyed to it and does the will of the spirit. When the object is in motion, the spirit does not lift, push or seize it as we do with our human hands.

Physical mediumship occurs regardless of whether the spirit is rapping an object, moving an object or articulating different sounds in the air. In either of the cases, a physical medium must be present for such occurrence to take place. Some other important points to note are as listed below: -

i. All physical mediums do not have an equal potential. Depending on different factors such as the combination of fluids, powerfulness of the spirit, natural fluid combinations, fluidic power among others, mediums can produce lesser or greater results.

ii. In mediumship spirits may call on other spirits to assist them in producing phenomena. Physical occurrences are mostly produced by inferior spirits who have not been completely detached from material influences. If an inferior spirit wants to produce greater effects, he must employ the help of more superior spirits qualified for the kind of work.

iii. All spirits do not understand all mechanisms. Some spirits are more advanced than others; this is seen in the way they perform or respond to different occurrences. The elevated spirits are superior and advanced than the inferior ones; they produce effects by action of their own will.

iv. The will of the medium adds more strength to the power of the spirits. In other words this is to say that the will of the medium is not always obligatory. A given occurrence may take place against the will of the medium to prove that an independent cause is at work.

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