Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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Psychic readings can be done using various kinds of tools and mediums. One very popular tool is the runes. Many people practice using these runes for psychic readings themselves in their homes. There are multiple ways of reading runes ranging from really simple ones to the most complicated ways as well. However with the help of these runes you really can improve the resulting psychic reading that you will get. When using runes you need to get a cloth or sack for all your runes. If you are using a cloth, spread out all the runes you have on the cloth with their right sides up. There will be a blank rune in the lot which you need to keep separately. After that you need to arrange the remaining runes in alphabetical order.

To begin the process, start with a prayer that will help you gain guidance in the psychic reading you are about to do. After that you have to turn over all the runes so that their right sides are now facing down on the cloth. Then close your eyes and fully concentrate on the question that you need an answer to. Here it’s important that you think specifically regarding the question. For example don’t just ask whether you will get rich or not rather ask what you need to do in order to get rich. While thinking of the question you wish to get an answer to, start shuffling up all the runes. Continue mixing them up until you feel that they have all been fully mixed up.

While performing all this procedure you can further add some lit candles or burning incense, depending on your preference or whatever makes you more comfortable. The burning of candles or incense increases your ability to focus. The most basic type of reading is the ‘one rune draw’. In this case you simply ask the question in your mind and then pick out any rune randomly from the lot on your cloth or in the bag. This single rune will give you the answer to the question you have in mind. One the other hand you can try out the ‘three rune draw’. In this case you focus on the question in mind and draw out three runes from the lot. Each rune you draw out will have a different meaning.

The first rune drawn will give you an overview of the situation. The second rune you draw will tell you which course of action to adopt. Finally the third rune represents the outcome of that particular situation under question. Finally there is the yes or no draw for questions that require an answer in, yes or no. in this scenario you again draw out three runes like you did before. However you will have to notice which runes come out with their right sides up and how many come out with their right sides down. The two come out with their right sides up then the answer is a yes. If not then the answer is no.