Thursday, December 16, 2010

Real Psychic Readings

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If you want to get a real psychic reading done first of all you need to know what you want to get out of your reading. Have a look around at the psychic websites so that you can see if a psychic is giving out good readings or is just someone who listens and gives out advice which isn’t being a real psychic. It pays to always have a look around for a real psychic first before you make up your mind.
Always keep in mind that psychics are not mind readers and they don’t know everything about you. If you have a real psychic then they have to follow certain rules just like other people in power. They are not allowed to tell anyone any details about you as your privacy is of the utmost and nothing will ever be divulged about the reading.

You can ask almost anything you want and get an answer and you can see the psychics face to face if you wish so it is a bit different to phone readings where you can hear someone but you can’t see them. You can ask all types of readings and more and more people are turning to this way of getting a real psychic reading. You get to pick who you want and can have all your questions answered.

If you are looking for an accurate psychic who can guide you with any problems that you are experiencing then you want your psychic to be helpful and supportive. You can get access to all sorts of psychics on the Internet. There are many psychics online who want your business, but remember to use a bit of caution and to do some research before you choose which psychic would be best for you.

The reading can help you with seeing how your relationships are progressing and even if you are in the right relationship. It can show you what your career options are and help you deal with any past issues and help you to move forward in your life. It can give you the courage to make any decisions for your future.

It is always best that you are prepared with your questions beforehand when you have a psychic reading as that way you can tick off each question once you get your answer and won’t forget anything that the psychic says. It may be best to either write down what the psychic is telling you or if the psychic doesn’t mind, or to ask if you can tape the reading so you can play it back at a later date in case you forget something.

So to get a real psychic reading then you just have to choose carefully. Once you pick your psychic and have a reading with them then you will more than likely go back again and again to the same psychic if you feel a connection with them, as your confidence will grow and you will start to trust them.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tarot Readings

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What do you think of when you want a tarot card reading? Do you think of a woman with a scarf around her head with long earrings, working from a caravan? In part you are right but psychics are not always found in circuses or seaside resorts.

You would be surprised at just how many people go to have their cards read. Men and women from all ages and backgrounds consult the cards on their love life, career and financial matters. When it comes to the readings then you should never withhold information from the psychic as this could make it difficult for them to connect with you.

You must learn to be open and answer any questions honestly, that way you will get the best reading. I know that it may be hard to trust someone that you don’t know, but the psychic would never divulge your information to anyone as they keep every reading a secret.

Make sure that you have your questions ready when you turn up for a tarot reading, as sometimes your mind can go blank and you may forget what to ask. The cards don’t lie and can be very accurate. They are used to predict your future and can even tell you things about your past and present.

Having a reading can help you understand what is coming along for you so you are prepared. A professional tarot reader will have a deep bond with their cards and will be pleased to give you a reading on any subject that you want. You need to decide how much you can afford for the reading and then find a psychic that you connect to.

It is also a good idea to ask friends and family for any recommendations. Once you get the right psychic then they will ask you to shuffle the cards and then they will put them down on the table in a certain layout and read them for you. They will probably start off with things that have happened in the past and this will show you just how accurate they are. They will then go onto a present reading and tell you what is happening around you now. Then finally they will go into the future and tell you what you can expect in the next few weeks and months.

It is a fascinating way of telling your future and sometimes people have Tarot Parties in their home. This is where a psychic will come around to your home and do several readings in an evening and you will also have the chance to buy mystical things from them too. You usually get the tarot reading done for free for having the psychic there and then she makes money from the rest of the people that you invite around. They usually ask for around 6 people to be there for the evening.

So if you are thinking about having this type of reading done then find a local psychic who does Tarot Party readings. Then invite your friends and family around and you will all have a great night in.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why You Should Try A Phone Psychic Reading

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If are thinking about going for a phone psychic reading, then if you feel comfortable with this method of reading, why not try one as you will be glad that you did.
You may wonder how this can be done instead of face to face readings. Well first of all you have to understand how this type of reading can be done without you actually being in the same room as the psychic. What you need to know is that psychics are not bound by space or time and that they can see all and are connected to spirit. Just from the sound of your voice they can pick up by intuition and connect to what is going on around you.
Psychics are well developed and the only thing you have to be careful of with a phone psychic reading is that you are with a genuine psychic and not a con artist. You will be charged for the amount of time that you are connected to them. You should not be on the phone for longer than around 30 minutes and then you should be told when the time is up and if you want to continue with your call or not.
It is very easy to forget how long you have been connected when you are listening to a phone psychic reading so you should be told at regular intervals how long you have left. If you feel comfortable with the psychic and feel that you are being told valuable information then you will probably want to continue but if you feel that the psychic hasn’t told you what you really want to hear then you may decide to hang up and not continue.
You will know if the phone psychic is the right one for your reading as you will click with them and they will know all about you and your problems and will be able to help or guide you. You will feel a connection to them and they should make you feel at ease. So if you want an answer to a specific question then it is best to go for a phone psychic reading as you should get your answers you are searching for.

It is much easier than going to someone’s home and getting a reading done there as there is no traveling involved. You can pick up the phone and talk to someone who really cares. You should feel that this person is someone who can help you with any problems you are experiencing and you should come away after the reading feeling uplifted.

You should try a phone psychic reading if you are feeling down or lonely and want to know what your future holds. The psychic will be very accurate in their reading and should be able to give you some sound advice. Just remember that you are not alone and that there is someone out there who can help and guide you in the right direction.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spiritulist Mediums Find The Right Medium

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Mediums are usually part of a circle and work from a Spiritulist Church. They channel themselves to connect to spirit and through doing this they can convey the messages back to you. They will give the audience information that is coming through for them and ask if a person in the audience can take this information from them, which means do you understand what I am saying?

Sometimes you may go to a meeting in a Spiritulist hall and there may not be anything there for you but you may see the Spiritulist medium connect with other people there. It is always a bit disappointing when you don’t get a message but of course, there is not time to speak to everyone at every meeting. The reason for this is that the Spiritulist can only connect to a spirit if the spirit wants this and if no spirit comes through for a person then the medium cannot pass any information on.

Some things that the medium says may also not make total sense and so you will have to decipher it as the person would have said had they still been alive. The medium can only pass on information if it comes through for them and if it doesn’t then you may sit there for a while and get nothing. But the next time you come to a meeting then you may be given a message, there is no telling when this will happen.

To be a Spiritulist medium can take a lot of hard work and a long time. You have to have the gift first and then you have to practice and learn how to channel and relay the messages that will be given to you. It is a very unique way of helping people who are grieving for their loved ones, to be able to tell them that all is well and that there is life on the other side. It gives the people that are left behind great reassurance that one day they will be meeting up with their loved ones again.

Spiritulist mediums can also help spirits to cross over if needed as some spirits may remain on the earth plane for some reason and need help to go into the light. These spirits are usually known as ghosts who havn’t realized that they have died and so need help to cross over.
So if you want to get a message from someone that you no longer have with you, then visiting a Spiritulist medium is the best thing to do. Although there is no guarantee that you will get a message it is still worth going to a meeting as you will be in wonder at the messages that are passed on to the other people that are there, and you never know this could be the day that someone that you loved, sends you a message, but there is only one way to find out, and that is taking the first step and visiting a Spiritulist church.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tips on Psychic Readings

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You need a few tips to get a good psychic reading especially if you have never had a psychic reading done before. First of all you need to know what you want out of a reading. So it is best to get yourself acquainted with online psychic readings. Have a look at the psychic phone sites so that you can see if a psychic is a good psychic or just someone who listens and gives out sympathetic advice without being a true psychic. Sometimes it pays to go for the smaller psychic sites as these readers have been thoroughly tested and verified by the company before they are allowed to give out psychic advice.

Secondly have a good look at the psychics feedback when you want a reading so read their bio as well. This way you will get a true feel of what they are about and you will know almost at once if you click with them or not. You can discover what type of person they are and what sort of questions that they can answer and how good they have been at answering people’s questions and how accurate they have been.

Thirdly you will not get all of your answers in a few minutes so remember that. You have to give the psychic a chance to connect with you first before they can answer your questions and sometimes this can take a little while. Also make sure that you have enough money to have a decent length reading and it may be a good idea to have a timer near by so you can get an idea on the time spent on your reading. Be open minded and listen carefully to what the psychic has to tell you as you should always feel comfortable with whoever you choose.
Also remember that a good psychic reading can change your life as it can be quite astounding how accurate they can be. Lots of people get excited before they have a psychic reading and sometimes they feel let down because they may expect too much of the psychic so give them a chance. Always try to be relaxed and remember that you should feel drawn to a particular psychic, as that is a good indication that you have found the right one for you.

The tips on psychic readings are really for realizing when someone is a fake psychic as the psychic may tend to generalize a bit too much and don’t add anything personal to the reading about you and your life. They also may try to keep you on the phone for a unnecessary length of time without actually saying very much. They should give you a positive reading without being negative so you should always come away from the reading feeling that you can see your way forward from the situation you find yourself in.
Well those are the tips on getting a good psychic reading and I am sure that you will find the experience a positive one.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Real Psychics Find Out How To Get A Real Psychic

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When you think of real psychics then you most probably think of a gypsy caravan with a woman dressed in lots of jewellery wearing a scarf and gazing into a crystal ball. It may have been like this in the past but today it is more up to date than that. You can talk to a real psychic in many different ways, from tarot readings, phone readings, even going to a spiritulist church for a medium reading and also don’t forget the email readings and text readings. People often wonder if psychics are genuine or not but a lot of people believe in psychic readings and rightly so, as most of the psychics out there are genuine. Of course you will always get the odd one or two that aren’t, but overall the psychics are real.

You would be surprised at the types of people who regularly come for readings. The White House first ladies have had their fortunes told over the years as they wanted to know what is going to happen regarding their husband’s political future. Other people such as the queen mother used to consult a psychic. It all depends on what you want to consult the psychic for, as it can be anything from when is the best time to buy a house to if you should have a new hair style. Anything and everything has probably been asked over the years. A lot of psychics are spot on and these are the ones that people come back to again and again. Some people think that some psychics guess or make things up but have a think, even Police use psychics to help them catch the person responsible who has done a crime and 9 times out of 10 they do find the person who is responsible. Psychics have even found missing persons and have spoken to the dead and then pass that information to their loved ones that they have left behind.

No matter what you make of real psychics, they have their own TV shoes now and many thousands of people ring in and speak to them. There was even a series recently called Most Haunted with teams investigating haunted houses. A lot of real psychics will arrange for you to go and have a private sitting with them but this can be quite costly. If you want a reading you can have one done by phone or email or even texting now.

If you are interested in having a reading by a real psychic then make some enquiries. Ask your family and friends if they know of anyone that they could recommend. Having a reading done is regarded as normal these days and nothing out of the ordinary so don’t feel that this is weird. If you want a reading then have one done by a real psychic as you won’t disappointed and will more than likely be very glad that you took that first step and found an answer to your question.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Find The Best Online Psychic

Ever heard of online psychic? If you are one of the few who are still clueless as to what it is all about, an online psychic is a person that offers spiritual reading services through the net, which can be in any form such as chat, email, phone, or live through webcam.

If you are interested in availing an online psychic reading, you can browse the net to look for one that can provide you psychic readings. You can choose what type of reading you want to avail by browsing sites and taking note of the services they offer.

With the several reading services offered, you can then decide how you would like to have your readings presented to you. If you want to avail the reading through phone then you can choose the phone reading service. If you want to have your readings delivered through emails sent to your inbox everyday, then you can have the online email reading, or if you prefer reading through chat then you avail the chat services. It depends on you on how you would like your readings delivered to you. Whatever you feel is the convenient way for you to have the readings then you are free to subscribe to the type of service you feel is the right and effective one for you.

Online psychic reading is now gaining increase popularity among believers and non-believers alike. One reason for this is the convenience that these online psychic readings can provide to people who want to avail spiritual readings. Through these services, people can now have their readings any time. It does not matter if you want to have your reading at midnight or even early morning. You can have your readings delivered to you right away by just logging on to the net. You can also have your readings wherever you are just as long as you have your own computer and internet connection.

Individuals who are always busy and can no longer find time for a one-on-one meeting are choosing these services for the convenience and comfort these services can bring. Having these reading services is hassle-free, easy to avail, and is very much convenient for people who are always on the go.

For people who still haven’t tried availing these types of reading services, it would not hurt to try it for once. If you find that you like the way the readings are delivered then you can continue availing the services however if you feel that these reading services are not for you, then you can choose not to continue with it.

The online psychic reading approach has only been a recent development in an effort to make reading services available and accessible to a much larger population. As the net is now the one-stop source of almost everything and people use the internet everyday, having these readings on the net can provide a lot of people more information about the different services that people can readily avail.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Find Irish Psychics

Most people are probably curious as to why Irish psychics are famous when it comes to providing spiritual services. At this time they are considered one of the popular psychics in the world. Irish psychics are well-known for their psychic abilities as they have demonstrated many times in their readings thus a lot of people choose them over the others because of their abilities. It must be noted that much of the practices of fortune telling or spiritual reading has emerged from Europe where Ireland is and was later adapted across the world. Nowadays, the study of spirituality already has over a million followers and believers from almost every part of the world.

What makes Irish psychics popular are not only their abilities as psychics but also their abilities to provide quality service. People ask help from them for their spiritual needs through séances and spiritual readings such as phone reading, which is one of the widely-chosen forms of spiritual readings. Through phone readings, clients are able to ask and receive advice and guidance from them and are always provided speedy response. They are also able to provide indoor and outdoor psychic readings. For outdoors, they can personally meet the clients and perform the readings. For indoors, they have online psychic readings for clients who wish to have privacy. They are also always available for contact through mobile phones so they can also respond to client concerns quickly and efficiently.

Aside from being psychics, most Irish psychics are also mediums thus they can also provide their clients mediumship service. This is a good thing especially nowadays when the popularity of medium readings has gone up. With Irish psychics, clients can avail the psychic readings as well as services requiring the expertise of mediums. Other services that they can offer also include (a) card reading, (b) numerology, (c) astrology, and (d) fortune reading to name a few.

Unlike in most parts of the world such as developed countries, where the significance of the practice of spirituality no longer has a place, psychics and psychic readings are still popular in Ireland and have even become household names. It has become a part of their tradition to practice psychic readings or spiritual services from one generation to another thus they are able to gain strength and credibility in this practice through their lifelong dedication to the craft.

The popularity of Irish psychics however is not meant to diminish the abilities of psychics of other nationalities. Not only is the popularity able to help spiritual practice gain recognition and acceptance but is also able to help psychics, regardless of nationalities to be accepted into the society. While most people still turn away from those practicing spiritual readings, thinking that these people are just lunatics, the popularity in the ability of Irish psychics will make it possible for these people to take a second look at the practice of spirituality and psychic readings. With the popularity, more and more people will be aware of this type of practice and how it can help people in dealing with their everyday existence.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Psychic Reading Skills

Perhaps one of the most diversified human activities is psychic readings. Apart from agriculture psychic reading may be one of the oldest occupations ever engaged in by man. That may account for the diversifications in the industry. The different diversifications have come to be known as psychic reading skills. Psychic practitioners are endowed with specific skills and abilities such that it is always very rare to find a reader who has all the psychic talents in him. He or she can either be a medium psychic, or a tarot psychic, or a love psychic, work of angels’ psychic, he can be an astrologer, a diviner or any other speciality and skills that are abundant in the industry.
Because a practitioner should always be identified with a particular skill that is why it is always important for service seekers to always try to identify the psychic reading skills or skill of the practitioner before going ahead to pay for the services they offer. The psychic reading skills is the ability which the reader is endowed with.

Even the psychic reading skills enumerated above can further be sub categorized. For instance the psychic mediums are psychic skill that specialized in getting information from the world of the dead. They are further subdivided into three major skills such as the clairvoyants, the clairaudience and the clairsentience. All psychic mediums specialize in conducting sessions about the spirit of the dead yet they use different skills in doing their work. The same can also be said of the other skills like the tarots, the astrologer, the work of the angels, the diviners and so on and so forth. What make the difference between the skills are the methods they use in conducting their services, skills that are limited to their area of specialization. The differences in the skills are shown in the length of period taken to master a particular skill. Skill like the mediums are not often learnt pay say but are inherited from either of the parents or grand parents.

What practitioners do these days is to form a company or a network of psychic readings skills. That is a psychic reading company has in its fold different psychic reading skills and abilities. The arrangement has made it lot easier for service seekers to engage the services of a provider without exercising fear of falling into the hands of fake providers. What the network does is to engage the services of many of the different psychic reading skills this is to make it possible for customers to always have a particular skill and ability they are looking for and at the same time have satisfied reading. If a client is not satisfied with a particular reader he can get the administration of the network arrange for another reader of the same skill to do a repeat reading to get the customer satisfied. The customer can also engage the services of another reader of a different skill to do what may be called a controlled reading for the client. It is not uncommon to have two readers have conflicting reading on a particular issue, and what matters is not the exactness of the readings.

Psychic readings are done through the internet and through the telephone. Any psychic reading skills can always be contacted through the websites of the providers. It is through the website one makes the decision of the method he or she wants to use to conduct the reading, whether he is to engage a reader through the telephone, or through the online service.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Get A Psychic Reading

They conducted reading, a psychic reading is the act of helping one understands his inner and spiritual self. In other words readers understand one more than he or she understands himself. It is not possible for one to understand one more than oneself without undergoing the special training that imbue such person with the skills and ability to read unseen aspects of somebody's life. The industry was established by God himself to help humanity find answers and solutions to innate personal problems which are beyond him or her. Readings have been around since prehistoric days such that man had form of psychic readings in the past in one way or the other. What may have changed in the act of psychic readings may be innovation that is introduced into that system.
Psychic reading has undergone some changes such that it is now the best brains that actually enlist into the profession. Special schools and networks are now in place to train future of psychics who will take over when the present generation of the readers may have passed on. The act of a psychic reading have now become more scientific than in the past such that present day practitioner can indeed conduct sessions using the latest technologies which in the past maybe nobody would ever dream of. These days' services are within the reach of anybody who earnestly requires their services. What has changed psychic readings in the recent past is the innovation and improvements witnessed in the modern means of communication.

Psychic reading is not just one single line business. It is generic discipline that encompasses various skills and sub skills. There is no one way of going about providing services, instead one has to exercise patience, undergo the training and become an expert or authority in his or her own branch or ability of the industry. Psychic readings industry is not an anything goes industry. One should have a special skill or ability to function properly in the business. Fortunately enough there are lots of training networks where one can become attached and acquire all the skills he or she needs in a particular field. Perhaps most people may have come across Psychic Realm; it is a psychic reading network that does not need any introduction. They are clear established leaders in the industry. That is a place where one can get the high quality service one deserves. Anybody that passes through them will acquire the best of all skills because that is what they possess and that is what they offer. Of course there are also other networks where one get attached to and undergo the training.

The internet has brought these services to the door step of anybody who may be interested in getting their services. It is no longer a question of chartering flight or travelling for a long distance to have a day with advisor. The internet system has made it such that even right at ones' bedroom and even kitchen one can contact any one of your choice from any part of the world. The problem in the industry has gone beyond accessibility to acceptability. This is because of the opportunity offered by the internet a lot fake readers now parade the net as the authentic readers. Thus it has become difficult to sieve out the bad from the good. Every practitioner is therefore faced with the challenge of making his or her services acceptable by providing the proof that he or she is what he or she claims to be.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tips to be the Best Online Psychic Reader

For online psychic readers, practicing psychic readings has posed a very big challenge. The first challenge is surviving in the business in view of competition as a result of influx into the business. A good reader will always hold his own and survive in the industry. The biggest challenge is how to be the best online reader. Being the best online reader has a lot of advantages in that it keeps you ahead of the rest. Being the best also helps one overcome the problem posed by the quacks who have invaded the industry in the name of psychic readings. The following tips are necessary for any one who wants to stand out to become the best online psychic reader:

The person first and foremost has to be honest and straight in his or her dealings with the clients. Being honest involves conveying the true and accurate online reading conducted for a client. This also involves being accurate and revealing messages according to his or her conscience. For an online reader to be accurate he must avoid falling to the trap of passing to the clients only the information he may wish to hear. It involves being truthful and at the same time giving hope to the clients. An honest reader will always get a fair recommendation and rating from the clients. Fair rating and recommendations are the minimum he needs to continue converting clients.

The second tip is that the online psychic reader must be friendly to his clients including those who are visiting or soliciting information from his website. Remember that first impression matters in the business. Always show your clients that you are indeed friendly and that his or her worries are matters of concern to you. Clients came to you in the first place to seek help for their helpless situation.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Psychics Explained - Do & Don'ts

Clairvoyance is a psychic reader who relies on extra sensory perception to get their readings. They see what is beyond the eyes; they feel not by touching, they perceive not by hearing, they taste not by eating or by touching. They make use of extra sensory perception which only they alone can explain how they perceive. One has to have potential by nature and then undergo the training to develop the extra sensory organ or the sixth eye as may be termed in some circles.

Clairsentience is also a psychic talent and skill which is developed or employed by psychic readers in the act of psychic readings. They develop and employ extra sensory perception of the past, and the present and the future. The technique they rely on is sensing. They sense the past and the present and predict the future. They can be said to be adopting extra sensory organ of seeing beyond the human realm.

Clairaudience as the name already suggests, makes use of extra sensory sound methods which only they can hear to make their psychic readings. Maybe the spirit world will send a strange sound which only they can hear and interpret. The sound may not be heard by any other person who did not possess their skill or undergo their training.

Perhaps another skill which is common is the act of divination. Divination is the act of obtaining psychic readings through consultation of the occult world. The divination methods always have an instrument which the diviner manipulates and interprets the message it sends across. The tarot uses the method of divination to arrive at their psychic readings. The 78 cards the tarots use is the medium they use to consult the occult world. It is clear now that there are psychic skills and abilities which the psychic readers use. It is left for clients to know which service they need and be guided in choosing the type of reading they want.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Psychic Medium Skills Laid Bare

Psychic Medium Skills Laid Bare

Psychic medium skills are different from the skills of the other psychic readers. The differentce between the psychic medium readers and other psychic readers is in the area of specialization. Psychic medium readers specialize in obtaining information from the spirit world. Those who are seeking information from their dead relative have to consult them. The other types of psychic readers can just offer reading on general life issues and life challenges matters such as issues of love, marriage and happiness among others. When we talk of psychic medium readings there are two strands of psychic medium readings. The first strand talks of physical medium where the client seeks out for the reader either in his abode or his primary business office and does a one on one consultation with him. The other strand of psychic medium reading is the phone mediumship reading where the reader can just place a telephone call, with the reader and they start and carry out a psychic medium phone reading.

Psychic phone mediumship is the latest trend in the development because of the convenience and feasibility which it offers. Perhaps psychic phone mediumship seems to have provided the answer or has resolved the controversy of whether there is life after death. If there is no life after death how is it possible to call out to the spirit of the dead and exchange an interaction with it. That is just by the way. Psychic phone mediumship readings make use of the skills developed and used by the other aspects of general psychic reading. They make use of extra sensory perception to decode messages from the spirit of the dead and forward them to the surviving relation who are in need of such a message. The different skills which genuine phone mediumship readers use include clairvoyance skill, clairsentience and clairaudience skills. A phone mediumship psychic should be able to specialize in one of the skills to deliver the message from the spirit world.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Powers Behind an Accurate Psychic Reading

A psychic reading is only as accurate as the spiritual forces behind it. There are psychics that are simply business people who are trying to make money and then there is the real thing. To find an accurate psychic reading you must find a psychic who has a real connection to the supernatural realm. Only with this connection will you be able to find the answers you are looking for or contact the deceased spirits that you want to reach.

When you are involved in a psychic reading, there are times when the messages may be rather straight to the point and hard to hear. An accurate psychic reading is not always intended to giving you good news…instead they are going to focus on just the facts. The spirit world will not feel a need to censor or try to make you feel good about things in your life. Their goal is to guide you according to what you need to know.

If you expect to receive an accurate psychic reading you need to be ready with your questions. It can be a difficult thing to gain the attention of these guiding spirits and when you have their attention you need to be organized and ready to ask them the most important questions in a way that will ensure you learn what you need to know. You should be focused on not only finding an accurate psychic reading but also getting the most powerful guidance possible in the time that you have with your psychic.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Find Accurate Psychics - Get A Great Psychic Reader

When you receive an accurate psychic reading you will have many details to illuminate your path. A gifted psychic or medium will be able to bridge the barrier between the living and the dead while retrieving your answers from the spirits they are contacting. You will know when you have received and accurate psychic reading as the event will leave you glowing with a spiritual energy that can not be counterfeited.

Customized Readings to Improve Life
When someone is seeking out a psychic reading it is usually because they have a problem in their life that they can’t resolve on their own. These problems or life impacting decisions are often answered with deep accuracy; many people have had life changing experiences from an accurate psychic reading. To find this type of psychic reading can be difficult, one way to get started is to find the psychic you want to use. After you find who you think meets your needs check to see if they will offer you a free sample reading.

Also some companies will give you the option to get a free cd of the reading so you can listen back to it and ensure you get every ounce of information from the reading for your future. This is a good way to ensure money well spent.

If you are having a hard time finding an accurate psychic reading then you may feel free to contact me for advice free of charge. I can give you advice plus provide you with valuable tools in your personal quest. I have years of experience and I can point you in the right direction.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Psychic Phone Readings – Unlock Your Own Development

Have a phone psychic reading to unlock the psychic part of you, you will live a better life if you are more in touch with your spiritual side.

Occurrences that May Indicate Psychic Development

Have a Strong Feeling – There are times when you may have a strong feeling or a hunch about something, this may go unheeded often but this hunch often turns out to be exactly the advice or warning you needed to hear. How many times can you remember thinking “I should have listened to my self”? By taking notes of these happenings you can accentuate your psychic development.
You Notice Coincidences- Many times when we experience a coincidence we think nothing of it, however these coincidences can be something important. To hone your psychic development, learn more about this awareness try to record these happening.
A Sensation of Urge- When you feel that you need to do something or take action, this is an urge. Everyone has to explore this on their own as it is a highly personal occurrence in our psychic development. I have had urges many times and they were right on the point. Things like taking a freeway exit to avoid traffic as you felt there was a problem up ahead and sure enough there was an accident.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Irish Psychic Medium - Types Of Abilities

By contacting these spirits a passageway is made between the 2 dimensions; that of the flesh based living and the spiritual afterlife. A psychic medium is someone who is able to do more than contact these spirits, a psychic medium often times will also have the abilities of clairvoyance or some soft of foretelling ability. A qualified psychic medium can be difficult to locate but once found their abilities are highly useful to a person trying to find spiritual answers and possibly closure to a painful death. As you look for a medium be aware that there are three different types of mediums:

Physical Mediums- A physical medium will bring the spirits in close enough where sounds and movements of the spirits are easily detected. At times these spirits will materialize and show their outline or shapes and may even cause the levitation of physical items. These contacts are also often made with the families of loved ones around a table in a similar fashion to the Trance Medium but there is no taking over of the mediums body. The setting is peaceful, often candles are lit in a dark lit room and the medium will contact the spirit.

Mental Mediums- The mental medium is one who can communicate with spirits telepathically. Their ability is to pick up messages using mental telepathy like an antenna from the afterlife. These messages once received are transferred to those awaiting the information.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Irish Psychic Readings

A psychic is a person who has either been born with their psychic eye developed, or someone who has advanced into the arena through study and meditation, both types can be equally as strong and it is no coincidence that many people with latent hidden talents, unearth these by having psychic readings themselves!

If you want to taste a psychic reading then do so! It can be rewarding beyond belief, firstly, arm yourself with some knowledge about these fascinating sciences.
Psychic - pertaining to mental forces, telepathy, extra sensory perception Medium - contacting and being able to communicate with spirits of the dead Clairvoyance - the ability to see things beyond our normal senses

Let's start with explaining about a psychic. Someone that calls himself or herself a psychic may well be labelling themselves as such because it is globally recognised as someone that can 'read you' and most likely be able to tell you about, your past, present, future and many other things that the psychic could not possibly have known about you before having your reading.
This essentially is correct, but how they do this in the true sense of the word, is that as a psychic they will have like a 'mental connection' with you and they will also read your energy field, so they will be very sensitive and be able to pick up on your thoughts and energy most of all.
We then get to what I call the 'Clairs'. We have at least three 'clair' abilities and they are clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Interesting here though, that the dictionary only recognises sentience and not clairsentience.

Now, clairvoyance actually translates to 'clear seeing'. It means that the person that is working with their clairvoyant ability will be able to see images of people, places or things in their minds eye, they are able to describe these to you during a reading or when giving a message. This does not mean that they are fortune tellers or seers of the future, although that doesn't mean that you won't get some information about the future, but clairvoyance is by definition simply clear seeing, and not seeing the future, always ask for clarification that your psychic reader can tell the future.
A good clairvoyant will, and indeed should, validate things for you that have happened in the past and things that are happening in the present. If they don't, how will you know or believe if what they are saying about the future holds any weight?

Now as well as clairvoyance, there is also something called clairaudience. Clairaudience is essentially 'clear hearing'. This means that we will hear information from Spirit. This might be ones own Spirit Guides or if working as a medium giving messages it will be the Spirit of the loved one that is no longer here, giving that information.

There is also another ability that many readers work with and that is Clairsentience. This is where we feel things, or sense things, as the word suggests, it is 'clear sensing'. I usually get this, again when working as a medium, when someone has passed with a certain illness or condition. For a split second I will feel a sensation that they would have felt before they passed on or perhaps the sensation of a condition they would have suffered with during their life, so that I can describe this to the person I am giving a message to. This helps to validate which particular person is coming through from Spirit for them.

Now I have mentioned a couple of times about working as a medium and we still have this to explain. Mediums and mediumship are slightly trickier to define, or very simple, depending on whether you want the easy version or the more complex one!

The simple version is that a medium is someone that 'talks to dead people'!
The harder version is that a medium by another definition is the 'channel' by which information from spirit passes through or indeed is the channel through which any energy passes. By this definition all of us indeed are mediums (as opposed to smalls or larges…sorry, couldn't resist getting that in somewhere!). This is because we all channel energy to some degree or another. If we draw, we are a medium (as is the pencil) through which energy flows to create the picture on the page.

This then means by its very nature that anyone working with Spirit or energy on any level could be called a medium. A medium in this sense is then being defined as a 'channel'.
So someone that calls themselves a clairvoyant/medium, by rights, should be able to describe your loved ones from the spirit world and also to describe visually things around your home or family for example. It has been brought to my attention that there are a few 'clairvoyant/mediums' out there, that aren't in fact either of these! They may 'read' people, but they may be reading via their psychic or sentient ability and not actually 'seeing' anything at all, or indeed they may not be able to talk with your loved ones in spirit either

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Monday, January 25, 2010

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Irish Psychic Readers

Irish Phone Psychic Readings - You have certainly seen one of the many commercials or newspaper advertisements that feature Irish phone psychic readings. There have probably been times in your life when you were really in a rut and struggling with some difficult problems and decisions that you had to make. It was probably times like these where you were quite eager to call a psychic hotline and see if there was anything that a genuine, trained psychic could do. But you didn't call. Maybe you were concerned about the legitimacy of the phone psychics, or maybe you just couldn't afford it. The clear magic here is that psychics can connect over the phone, very very easily, distance is no object, try one and see!

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Monday, January 11, 2010