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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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Psychic readings can be done using various kinds of tools and mediums. One very popular tool is the runes. Many people practice using these runes for psychic readings themselves in their homes. There are multiple ways of reading runes ranging from really simple ones to the most complicated ways as well. However with the help of these runes you really can improve the resulting psychic reading that you will get. When using runes you need to get a cloth or sack for all your runes. If you are using a cloth, spread out all the runes you have on the cloth with their right sides up. There will be a blank rune in the lot which you need to keep separately. After that you need to arrange the remaining runes in alphabetical order.

To begin the process, start with a prayer that will help you gain guidance in the psychic reading you are about to do. After that you have to turn over all the runes so that their right sides are now facing down on the cloth. Then close your eyes and fully concentrate on the question that you need an answer to. Here it’s important that you think specifically regarding the question. For example don’t just ask whether you will get rich or not rather ask what you need to do in order to get rich. While thinking of the question you wish to get an answer to, start shuffling up all the runes. Continue mixing them up until you feel that they have all been fully mixed up.

While performing all this procedure you can further add some lit candles or burning incense, depending on your preference or whatever makes you more comfortable. The burning of candles or incense increases your ability to focus. The most basic type of reading is the ‘one rune draw’. In this case you simply ask the question in your mind and then pick out any rune randomly from the lot on your cloth or in the bag. This single rune will give you the answer to the question you have in mind. One the other hand you can try out the ‘three rune draw’. In this case you focus on the question in mind and draw out three runes from the lot. Each rune you draw out will have a different meaning.

The first rune drawn will give you an overview of the situation. The second rune you draw will tell you which course of action to adopt. Finally the third rune represents the outcome of that particular situation under question. Finally there is the yes or no draw for questions that require an answer in, yes or no. in this scenario you again draw out three runes like you did before. However you will have to notice which runes come out with their right sides up and how many come out with their right sides down. The two come out with their right sides up then the answer is a yes. If not then the answer is no.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

What Is The Ancient Fortune Telling Systems

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The people in ancient times have their own way of divining, soothsaying or portending irrespective of race, culture or beliefs. In various race and culture, fortune telling is a way of life. Is has been regarded as a form of entertainment, amusement and even a necessity in governing or ruling a kingdom, empire or monarchy. In the ancient times, voices of the wizardry, sorcery and witchcraft were often taken as a weatherglass before any monarchy or empire will take any act, deed or forewarnings before going into battles, minor or major projects or even everyday routine of a kingdom. Rulers, noblemen and royalties were so akin to consider wizards, warlocks, sorcerers and shamans as their mentors and advisers.

Sophisticated methods of fortune telling already existed and dated back to antediluvian times when ancient ancestors only relied on the placement of the stars, moon and the planets were the only visible means of contemplating and reflecting the future. Then, it later point out to the birth of astrology and the settlement of cosmic bodies that comprise the planets, moons, stars, and other planetary forms. These gifted talents who can decipher and decode the position of the inter-planetary bodies to the ancient people’s way of life were looked upon as prophets, wizards, sorcerers, warlocks, witches, druids, healers, shamans, mediums, magicians or conjurers. They all have important positions in their tribes, clans, kinfolks, communities or ethnic groups and societies.

Their words were respected and were considered reliable, valued and esteemed.
Over the past millennia there were several methods of divination done by people of ancient times aside from astrology, which was initially crafted for it was the first available vehicle or means of divination used by our ancient ancestors. For the next centuries, Chinese and Vedic palmistry came to appear. The reading of the lines, curves and mounds of the palm provide various modes and interpretations on a life of a person since the time of his birth, childhood, puberty, adulthood, middle age, old age and will impart forewarnings on the kind of death a person will be encountering soon, or in the later part of his life. Kumalak is a primal geomantic method of ancient fortune telling which was originated in Kazakhstan that spanning back over hundreds of centuries.

It focuses on an amazing ancient system of divination that uses thrown earth as basis of divining by cautiously analyzing its arrangement and order based on a person’s lifestyle, personality and his past, present and, future events.Another age-old form of fortune telling is the cartomancy by which the use of the tarot has been making fascinating events of history since it was crafted in the Middle Ages in Europe. The winds, seasons and the appearance of the hemisphere play a vital role in the system of divination done by: Chinese, Tibetan, Mayan, Vedic, and Western astrology. They produce these amazing concepts of Feng Shui, Vaastu, and the Wiccand Astrology. These create a very colorful web of divination that is unique and exceptional in every magical way.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Find Out What Are Spiritualist Mediums And What Are Their Value?

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Although based on ancient roots, modern American Spiritualism began as late as 1848, with two young sisters, only 11 and 8 years old at the time, claiming to hear rapping noises and consequently working out complex codes and implementing them to contact and communicate with beings from the afterlife. As news spread, many were caught up in the spell. As church attendances fell, spiritualist seances took over in evey town and city across the country. Before long, Spiritualist churches were formed all over the place, usually around a person with psychic abilities - the Spiritualist Mediums. Spiritualist mediums work based on the concept that the spirit, the true essence of life, lives on even after the body has died. They also firmly believe that the spirits of those who have passed away wish to be involved in the lives of those they have left behind and pass all of their wisdom on to them. Many of them believe that spirits will frequently make use of rapping noises or the levitaton of objects in order to get the attention of the living. Others still claim to have paranatural healing powers

Some may hold meetings - or seances - in smaller groups, while others operate in spiritualist churches, where they "listen for voices" from various planes of existence during services, thus making their services available to all present at the time. Here the guiding spirit will pass on messages from any spirit wishing to contact or advise a living person - as opposed to individual readings, where usually only one spirit is contacted at a time. There are also some who will perform individual readings. As with other psychic mediums, they attempt to make contact with residents of the spirit world in order to provide comfort to those who have lost a loved one and are trying to cope with their grief, as well as providing advice and answers to specific questions. Obviously a personal session would be much more detailed and specifically suited to a single individual, whereas meetings, especially larger ones such as a whole congretation, will be much more general and although messages may be conveyed to anyone, it is unlikely that they will be as specific.

Often this is done with the medium entering a light trance and allowing a controlling, or guiding, spirit to take over. Any messages that are received are conveyed and the members of the congregation for whom the message was meant will take the message and try to act upon it. The particular value of spiritualist mediums lies thus in the fact that they not only provide services to people particularly seeking consultation, but are able to convey messages from spirits who may not otherwise have been contacted for a range of people. For instance a spirit may wish to warn a loved one regarding a future outcome or event and is able to do so at a large meeting, whereas he/ she may not have been contacted in a private, individual meeting

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Clairvoyants Readings

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Clairvoyant readings are performed using a branch of extra sensory perception (ESP) which allows the reader to discern information outside of the usual 5 senses. Clairvoyance (clear vision) focuses on the visual perception aspect of ESP. The reader may either "see" a situation or event being displayed in front of their eyes (often referred to as remote seeing), or visualise it internally, within their own mind.

He or she usually requires his/ her mind to be perfectly relaxed in order to be able to see in such manner, and many will use various meditation techniques to enable them to connect to a person or situation. Genuine individuals will often hone their skills and talents by regular conscious practising sessions. An experienced clairvoyant will do their very best to make a positive, powerful soul connection for the enquiring individual, often enabling them to tap into deep insights and unexpected truths as a result. Seeing images from the past, current events and situations as well as future developments, they are able to discern details about the individual, friends or loved ones, past deeds and future hopes as well as things an individual may feel very strongly (good or bad) about.

Many people choose clairvoyant readings because they appreciate the invaluable help objective input into a situation, especially given by a person who actually understands what is really going on, presents. Opinions of persons close to them or their situations are usually very strongly influenced one way or the other by personal feelings, often subconsciously, and it is very difficult to get objective advice in this way. Talking to someone who knows no more of the situation than what he or she is being told by the individual will again make objectivity difficult, as their knowledge is "flavoured" by the enquirers feelings and opinions. This frequently leaves people feeling unable to talk to anyone, making them feel alone and helpless.

A good clairvoyant does not need to have any prior knowledge of their client or the circumstances surrounding them or their situation. Their information is purely gleaned from the visions they perceive and will therefore not be influenced by anyone's feelings or emotions. This does not imply in any way that they do not care; if they did not care they would not use their gifts to help others and they will certainly perform the reading in a caring and sensitive manner.
What it does mean is that they are looking into a situation from the outside, thus allowing tosee every aspect, side and facet of a situation, something which is simply not possible from the inside.

This way, a new and clearer perception of things can be passed on to the client, allowing them to put a situation into perspective and thus make more informed, better decisions.
Following clairvoyant readings, many individuals have testified to not only feeling freer and much less worried, but also of "suddenly" being able to see solutions to problems previously seeming totally hopeless and apparently irresolvable.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love Psychic Reading

Find more with these links Psychic Reading Hindle Online Psychic Reading here There are many reasons why individuals choose to have a love reading. Some wish to determine where a relationship is heading, others are looking for ways to resolve problems within a relationship; while others still are looking to find out if they will ever find the right partner. The first thing the reader will do is create a connection with you and make you feel as comfortable as possible. Then she/ he will enquire about the day and month of your birth, as well as (if you are in a relationship) the name and date of birth of your partner (or those of a potential partner, if you happen to know them). Given this information, she/ he will then proceed to divine answers by applying different methods. The most common methods used are horoscopes, spreads of tarot cards, past life readings and numerology, a method particularly effective when the name of a partner or someone you believe to be a potential partner is known. This will then produce answers as to whether this is a good or bad match, pinpoint past, present or future problems within the relationship and where it is headed if currant circumstances remain unchanged. For instance a relationship may be on the verge of breakdown due to unwarranted, overpowering jealousy on the part of the individual seeking advice. Having realised this, the individual may choose to heed the advice and curb fits of jealousy, thus using their free will to change the outcome and avert a break up. For a person seeking a partner, the psychic will, using the same methods, be able to clarify a picture of the kind of personality who would be the perfect match and give advice as to what sort of person to keep well away from, as well as sometimes being able to give an indication as to when and how this person may be found. Quite frequently, lonely individuals, convinced of never being able to find true love after years of searching, have found a suitable mate almost immediately after having been told what their ideal mate should be like. However, love readings are not necessarily always concerned with romance. They are also a useful tool in resolving problems within a family or a circle of friends. Although this is similar, the focus is concentrated mostly on the issues causing the problem and advice on possible solutions is offered. As with all readings, love psychic readings may provide revelations and sound advice with regards to a relationship and the problems contained within, or what action needs to be taken to obtain emotional fulfilment, but these things are not cast in iron and we are able to take this information and do with it as we see fit. We can bring about changes using this information or choose to ignore it, the choice is ours and future developments within our lives can only be influenced by our own choices, no one else can take this responsibility out of our hands.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Psychic Medium Readings Online

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Finding psychic and getting psychic medium readings online is quite straight forward if you know where to hunt for? In the modern world most of the psychic medium readings online you can choose for the best psychic and then get the feedback of the clients. You can also get psychic medium readings online for free.

Visit a web page that offers online readings. is probably one of the best sites to find online psychic chat and it also permits the visitors to make a choice of the psychic on the basis of the ratings of these psychics and the feedback of the clients who have visited them. An icon indicates whether a particular psychic is offline or online. A person wishing to get a reading contact the medium and them engages in a chat with them. The meter is turned in by the psychic as soon as both the people are agreed and the rates of each reader vary and each and every minute of the talk with the psychic is charged from the credit card of the client.

You can also visit the web page in order to get an experience that is identical to that at the live person. The psychic readers at also have their own per minute rates and also have feed backs and ratings. The difference is that the psychics at the can provide online psychic medium reading as well as consul on the phone.

You can also create an account on the web page known as the in order to have a free chat with the reader online. Two psychics are available on the web page in order to give psychic consultation on regular basis and two others who visit periodically in order to delver psychic readings free of cost.

You can also peek into the yahoo groups in order to get psychic chat and psychics. There are present a large number of groups which offer free online psychic readings in order to practice the talent of the online readings. A few of the psychics belong with these online chat groups just for the sake of helping people boost up their psychic abilities. The sub category of the yahoo groups is known as the psychic abilities and 200 groups are present from which the user can make a choice.

Put up a web search on the initials of the psychic reader you are considering and get his or her touch tone phone number, business address, business name and check for authenticity on the Business Bureau for seeing any of the registered complaint.

Research degrees and certificates the psychic boasts. Accredited institutions are present, for instance the institute of the Metaphysical Studies and also the Wind Bridge Institute, which require the candidates to have certification via the tests and the degree programmers. Psychic certification officially is regulated by government so that the research institutions bestow the degrees in question and the criteria as well that they anticipate their mediums to meet.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Accurate Love Future Predictions

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If you are single individual, seeking for love and intimacy with the opposite sex or looking for the right one, you may choose to seek help with a mystique or a tarot card reader. Some are available online through chat or Internet. They can predict your future and your love life, but the question is… is it accurate? Most people think that they are gifted with amazing talents, premonition, and an ability to see the future. It is a true fact that a great number of people consult a psychic or a tarot card reader for guidance and help through tarot cards and crystal balls or just pure talk. People strongly believe the predictions and they follow them seriously. Other predictions used by psychics include numerology, palm reading, astrology, horoscope interpretations and many others. Accuracy must be ensured so that patrons and clients may continue to consult them. People are just eager to know the future and their fate, destiny and future.

However, a person can find a lot of online future and love predictions in the Internet. But, unfortunately, the majority of the online services are just scams that will just trick you, it may not be genuine or trustworthy and their predictions may be simple guesswork or just mere presumptions. But, not all online psychic future and love interpreters are jokes and simply fake, you may find authentic, accurate and valuable advices on your future and love life. Moreover, no one knows whether psychic abilities and mysterious powers really exist, there are no scientific basis that can support these abilities. On the other hand, people do strongly believe that psychic power is science and a gifted person’s guidance is strong and accurate. Online love predictions are a hit to adolescents and young professionals, websites offer free predictions but we don’t know if it’s correct and precise. Most professional psychic readers charge a fee for their prediction services.

There are two types of psychic predictions – free and paid. Both of them can offer true or untrue readings, sometimes misleading or just fake. There is psychic future and love prediction that offers daily, weekly, monthly or yearly services for clients. There are also websites that offer psychic services that can be helpful. If you think that a day is bad or the following day is good, it might be partly true or the other. You may search the Internet for a full listing of professional and trusted psychic readers and tarot card readers. However, before searching, keep in mind that you will choose a reader that will charge you a minimal fee only and not exorbitant payment. Also, select what type of psychic future and love prediction method you want since there are a lot of psychics out there. You should not give them information about yourself, other people and ask the psychic to foretell your future. As a conclusion, do not fully believe a future’s prediction since this is only a guide and it does not rule your life in every sense.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Live Psychic Readings

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The Live psychic readings are modified and come again? Is supplementary, in view of the fact that a person is interacting in a straight line with the psychic himself, a person can inquire a quantity of queries about diverse areas of his or her life time and obtain the answers. In the moment in time that has been assigned to a person, he or she can inquire the psychic on any topic! And obtain the answers. What is supplementary, in view of the fact that the live psychic readings are made to order, these readings are precise and the probability of finding cheerfulness is greater?

From time to time, when a person gets his or her live psychic readings delivered to his or her inbox, a large number of questions remain unanswered. This does not happen for the reason that the person has been embittered. This is only for the reason that he or she has uncared for asking unambiguous questions in relation to the area under discussion. As a consequence, you almost certainly have to recompense for an additional reading and bowl out extra money. So a gigantic gain that is obtained from the live psychic readings is that a person gets to hit upon precisely what he had been looking for, with not an iota of the additional trappings.Moreover, an extremely talented psychic medium is available to offer live psychic readings that are precise and come back with your queries adequately, so probability is, that the person will be tremendously satisfied with this understanding.

Live psychic readings also have the benefit that in general, most of the psychic mediums that offer these psychic readings are in point of fact experienced on their skills as a medium.Moral principles and client care talents are also educated to these mediums as a consequence of which, the person gets elsewhere of the entire understanding as a content and joyful individual. From time to time clientele are called upon for the comment and asked if the psychic readings were correct. With a thorough broadcast procedure, standard is in truth lofty. So the people often visit these psychics to get readings.

How a person can judge whether the psychic is real or not is an easy process. First of all be sure of the fact that the psychic are ahead of the discussion ass this reveals the fact that too much important information is not being leaked out by you to assist them to give right answers.
Secondly the queries you place must be inquisitive and particular so that you do not leak answers. So if a person is passing through a most difficult phase of life a psychic medium is the best aid for him. If a person has been let down in business, school or love he can directly concern a psychic for help. Paying a small amount of fee in order to obtain a psychic reading and obtaining great benefits and satisfaction is worth the job!

Psychic Abilities

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There are numerous psychic abilities that are to be listed the best known psychic abilities are some of the following

Firstly, geomancy that refers to the interpretation of the shapes and looks of clouds which are the signs of sky and air which are signals from zodiac.

Secondly, the communication after life that is talking to the deceased and bereaved all a person has to do is to communicate with the people who are blessed by these divine abilities to communicate with the loved ones.

Thirdly, the ability of alomancy which refers to the act of sprinkling salt high up in the air and then identifying the pattern of its fault.

Fourth on the list of psychic abilities is the alpha state of mind which actually is the entire state of mind.

Fifthly is the anomalous cognition which is usual term used by the psychics and the parapsychologists have the ability to transfer facts.

Sixthly is the apantomancy which means chance hauling with the animals like the sudden and chance encounter of a black cat which is a sign of misfortune, the hunt of an eagle a good omen?

Seventh is the apparition who refers to a ghostly appearance of a figure, body and an animal or other body form.

Eighth is the phenomenon of apports that is the belief of emergence of complete visible solid mediums from no where other than thin air. Usually it refers to the ghostly experiences and appearances.

Ninth on the list of psychic abilities is arithmomancy which are the earliest forms of numerological predictions via letters, numerals or Romans. The increased fame of the concept of arithmomancy was due to the use in Harry potter.

Tenth is the concept of astragyromancy, which id very much identical to the phenomenon of cleromancy which is the making of decisions on the basis of dice throwing?

Eleventh are the facts of astrology and the astral projections, astrology refers to the use of zodiac signs at the time of birth in order to predict future events and traits. Astral projection refers to the experiences that are out of the body form such as the meditation, travel techniques of astrals and the lucid dreams.

Twelfth is the augury which is based on the prophecy of the ancient roman people who used to keep an eye on the moves of the birds and animals in the eras of lightening.

Thirteen on the list is aura reading and the austromancy. Aura reading refers to the capacity for a spiritual to see around and in subjects Aura.

We all comprise an electromagnetic vigor turf around us. Some witness this vigor field as insignia some psychics feel the vigor. Austromancy refers to surveillance of the winds particularly during lightning and thunder. Last but not the least of the psychic ability to be mentioned is the axiomancy and the automatic writing. Automatic writing is usually in a trance state with the awareness of the writer but the message that is written is not direct from the writers mind.

Psychic Medium Readings

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The terms like the medium reading of spirits or the spirit reading are used in order to describe the psychic medium readings. The service that connects a person to the psychics via phone is known as the phone readings of medium. The basic aim of a psychic medium is to proof the fact of life after death and survival after bereavement. The meaning of this fact is that the psychic or the medium will make use of the techniques of clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient in order to communicate with the loved that have moved on to the next world. These sort of psychic medium readings are not at all spooky and freaky these indeed love connections between loved ones on both the sides.

The spiritual now a day can be seen working on the television where they are connected to the masses in the form of a grand audience and convey messages. A few of the people have high connection to the psychic medium and have private sittings with them in order to get their medium readings of the psychic. All the sittings with the mediums are on purely experimental basis and no one can guarantee that a particular spirit can be called. The medium readers are the best people to assure you.

The psychic medium readings are performed by trained readers who enter a trance state and their bodies get unconscious and they get in touch with the spirits. The psychic readers who perform the psychic medium readings have to undergo several tests like the psychic carol i.e. spirit guides, psychic Tara i.e. the person who has a strong energy of mediums, psychic hope i.e. the abilities of the psychic that are used for social service, psychic gold Greta and many more.
A form of medium ship that is known as psychic channel is employed to communicate with the souls of the people who have passed away. This ability of communicating with the deceased can also be an inherited one or the person might be blessed from the time of his birth. If this is the case the talent of these people is revealed in an early age. Master psychic may also train a person to grow up and learn the art. Various tools of prediction such as the gazing of the crystal ball, numerology, tarot cards, astrology and many more.

Envisage the body lowering process of the psychic medium, their heart rate and breathe rate, up to a point where the body energy of these psychics is comparable to the telepathic. This is the stage when a psychic medium can communicate with the souls of the bereaved and then transfer the messages to and from the loved ones. This information, which is being widely seeded by the people, is known as the psychic medium readings. The psychic medium also has the aptitude to jingle to the supplementary wavelength of deceased spirit just like mediums. The souls of the deceased are the apex of the system of energies in the psychic medium readings.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Get Live psychic Predictions

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Who doesn’t want to have a little peek into their future especially to know that the decision they have taken are worthwhile or not? Doesn’t everybody want to know whether the person they have recently started dating and are falling madly in love with is their true soul mate or not? Are they making a mistake or is it real and lifelong? Everybody wants to know the answers to these questions so that life and luck does not play hide and seek with them. Mind it, life and luck playing hide and seek with you can be very frustrating…

So it is always good if you can peek into your future to be certain about your future. This not only helps in being sure and certain about your decisions but also to release a person of all the stress that you have been facing. The one and only way for you to discover what the future holds for you is through psychics. A psychic is a gifted person with an extra sense than the rest of the normal human beings. This sense is known as the extra sensory perception and makes the psychic able to glance into the future through different things. Some psychics have the sense to perceive the signs of the stars and the moons. Others draw their readings from the lines of a palm. Still others use the tarot cards or the aura of a person. If you are thinking as to how the extra sensory perception part comes into all these different things and that according to these, a psychic is more of a scientist than a gifted person. The answer to it is no. Psychics precisely have the sense to perceive the signs that these objects show them.

This psychic knowledge has now been made more and more convenient for an individual. It was a common compliant of various individuals that they have to wait for hours and hours to meet up with a psychic. Also then, if a rich person with personal contacts with the psychic comes, you appointment is either cancelled or postponed. Live psychic organizations have solved this problem.

Through the medium of internet or teleconferencing, rich or poor, personal or distant does not matter and you get to be your psychic on the day and time of your appointment. Live psychic predictions are almost like a person is sitting face to face with the psychic. You can easily give him or her, your details through a secured channel. Even the mode of payment is easier than with meeting the personally. You make payment through your debit or credit cards thus, no hassle of carrying cash or withdrawing it from the bank before you go meet your psychic. You can take an appointment with your psychic for the time that suits you and then after making a payment, you can get the psychic to view your future and guide you through it. Live psychics present a new dimension to the ancient art of foretelling.

Get the Best Psychic Readers

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This world comprises billions of people and billions of people hold millions of faiths. An important faith that people have then is in the psychic readings. A psychic reader or just a psychic is a special, gifted person who possesses “gifts” or senses to foretell or look into the future. Such a person can see not only his own future through various aids but also that of the other individual who come to him to seek his guidance regarding their lives and decisions.

These psychic readings can be done through various aids. Some psychic readers rely on their knowledge of the celestial bodies. The paths and the movements of the stars, the moon and the sun; in order to analyze changing fate of other individuals. This psychic reading with the aid of astrological objects is known as astrology and is one of the most famous techniques to study and foretell future. The other very important and significant mode of psychic readings is the lines on ones palms. This knowledge and its application are known as palmistry. Palmistry is usually seen to be practiced in the eastern side of the world more frequently. Another important object from which the psychics draw their readings is the tarot cards. Tarot cards are famous all over the world and have a lot of fans.

Today when the science and technology has progressed so far and when communication has become so rapid and easy, these readings are also available over the web. The question however remains as to why somebody would want to peek into their future and require psychic readings. Several answers exist with respect to this question. The first is curiosity which exists in every human being. A person is curious to find out what the future stores for him. These sort of people lack patience and do not want to wait for time to give them good or bad news.
The next reason is preparation. A person with the thought that he is going to have an insecure or uncertain future wants to prepare himself for future events. Suppose for example a big financial loss. Psychic readings can help prepare the person so that he can guard himself against it.

This argument however leads to another query and that is as following:
Does knowing the future changes the future?
This is a major element of controversy in the minds of many people. Psychic let you know the potential threats and opportunities that are about to come up in your life. Sometimes the opportunities and threats are such that one can receive benefit or detriment from them for example a business contract or a stock market crash. Some events in your life however cannot be controlled. These include the lives of your loved ones. If there life is up and if there time has come, then may they die in a road crash or on their beds due to heart attacks, nothing will be able to stop it…

Psychics then help you disentangle your lives with forewarnings…

Find the Best Psychic Chat

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As the world is progressing, so are the means of communicating.
Even though psychic readings and the art of parapsychology is pretty old, they are now being converted into easier and modern methods of knowing your future through psychic predictions.
In earlier times, people used to travel miles and miles to meet with a gifted psychic reader who would help them through the decisions of their lives. Why was it and still is so important for people to have somebody peek into their future life?

This is because life sometimes can become extremely demanding and challenging. Future ends up becoming uncertain and a person working day and night to protect his future and that of his children and family is not really quite sure if life is going to be fair with him or not. In this, he or she needs a vision to know if the decision they are taking is correct or not. Here the only solution is the knowledge and the giftedness of the psychic readers.

However, travelling by leaving everything back home to meet a psychic is difficult. It requires not only time and energy but also finances. And on top of that, a person also might not be sure if the psychic he or she is going to meet is available or not.
To solve this problem, technology has come into play.

Today, psychic predictions are available over the internet as advertisements, web pages and on teleconferencing. One of the easiest ways to get the predictions is through psychic chats. In this you have two options. Either to send your details to the psychic through e mail or to use the facility of the webcam and show the psychic your palm lines and give him or her the details online. In case of palm reading, sending a print of your palm though e mail would be a better option before you sit down to chat with the psychic live. This is because palm reading is complex and requires time. Sending the print to the psychic beforehand will enable him or her to spend good time on your palm and then explain to you your fate and the position you are in on the psychic chat.

The usage of the other method would be better if the psychic you are consulting is an expert in the astrological science. In that case, he or she would actually be doing some calculations with respect to the celestial bodies and letting you know. During such a session of psychic chat, information is required at every step. This includes dates and times such as your birth date and time. Your first child’s birth date and time etc. therefore during such a session, it is better for the communication to be as interactive as possible.

In the end it would not be wrong to say that the birth of technology has given the old art of psychic reading a new dimension. It has not only made prophecies easier to get but also to maintain a regular communication with your psychic.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Difference between Psychics and Mediums

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If you look at the Internet then you will have seen advertisements for Psychics and Mediums. The difference between the two is that a psychic usually foretells the future, whereas a medium contacts spirit to get answers.

According to the dictionary a psychic is ‘a person who is sensitive to psychic forces’. Everyone is born with some degree of psychic ability but they don’t use it. Most people don’t connect to anything outside the five senses, but some people are very sensitive to the extra sense and these are called psychics.

1/ Clairvoyance - means seeing clearly
2/ Clairsentience - means feeling or sensing something
3/ Clairaudience - means hearing clearly
4/ Claircognizance – means knowing clearly
5/ Clairalience – means smelling clearly
6/ Clairambience – means tasting clearly clear tasting

In some parts of the world then it is believed that a psychic gift is something that has been handed one from generation to generation. Psychics would have been called “Witches” in the past and with that, came a lot of stigma. Now this word is not used so much.
A medium is someone who can contact and communicate with spirits that have passed on. They are usually part of a circle within the Spiritulist Church. The main part of being a medium is to bring comfort and closure to someone who has been bereaved. They are there to let you know that there is an afterlife.

A medium is capable of a deep trance state in where they can communicate with spirit and allow their body to be temporarily used by the spirit. A medium has the ability to direct the voice of the spirit through the telephone, television or radio. Then there is something that is called ectoplasm, which is a cloudy fluid that is dispersed from the mediums mouth usually as the spirit takes a physical form.

Mediums can do levitation, which is where furniture or objects will rise from the floor and float in the air showing that spirit is around them. They can also make rapping noises like knocking or bumps on the furniture or walls. You have probably seen when mediums have a séance, that the table starts to rock or move which demonstrates the spirits energy.

So you can see what the differences are between a psychic and a medium. A psychic will usually tell you something about the future in your reading which most people want to know about. They do not usually connect with deceased people and they use their sixth sense.

A medium will connect with spirit and will give you messages from the spirit world. They don’t usually give you the same type of reading as a psychic. They will pass on any messages that spirit want to give you. So whatever one you choose then make sure that you know what it is you expect from your reading. If you want to know the future then go to a psychic and if you want to contact deceased loved ones then go to a medium.