Friday, February 4, 2011

Psychic Abilities

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There are numerous psychic abilities that are to be listed the best known psychic abilities are some of the following

Firstly, geomancy that refers to the interpretation of the shapes and looks of clouds which are the signs of sky and air which are signals from zodiac.

Secondly, the communication after life that is talking to the deceased and bereaved all a person has to do is to communicate with the people who are blessed by these divine abilities to communicate with the loved ones.

Thirdly, the ability of alomancy which refers to the act of sprinkling salt high up in the air and then identifying the pattern of its fault.

Fourth on the list of psychic abilities is the alpha state of mind which actually is the entire state of mind.

Fifthly is the anomalous cognition which is usual term used by the psychics and the parapsychologists have the ability to transfer facts.

Sixthly is the apantomancy which means chance hauling with the animals like the sudden and chance encounter of a black cat which is a sign of misfortune, the hunt of an eagle a good omen?

Seventh is the apparition who refers to a ghostly appearance of a figure, body and an animal or other body form.

Eighth is the phenomenon of apports that is the belief of emergence of complete visible solid mediums from no where other than thin air. Usually it refers to the ghostly experiences and appearances.

Ninth on the list of psychic abilities is arithmomancy which are the earliest forms of numerological predictions via letters, numerals or Romans. The increased fame of the concept of arithmomancy was due to the use in Harry potter.

Tenth is the concept of astragyromancy, which id very much identical to the phenomenon of cleromancy which is the making of decisions on the basis of dice throwing?

Eleventh are the facts of astrology and the astral projections, astrology refers to the use of zodiac signs at the time of birth in order to predict future events and traits. Astral projection refers to the experiences that are out of the body form such as the meditation, travel techniques of astrals and the lucid dreams.

Twelfth is the augury which is based on the prophecy of the ancient roman people who used to keep an eye on the moves of the birds and animals in the eras of lightening.

Thirteen on the list is aura reading and the austromancy. Aura reading refers to the capacity for a spiritual to see around and in subjects Aura.

We all comprise an electromagnetic vigor turf around us. Some witness this vigor field as insignia some psychics feel the vigor. Austromancy refers to surveillance of the winds particularly during lightning and thunder. Last but not the least of the psychic ability to be mentioned is the axiomancy and the automatic writing. Automatic writing is usually in a trance state with the awareness of the writer but the message that is written is not direct from the writers mind.

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