Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spiritulist Mediums Find The Right Medium

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Mediums are usually part of a circle and work from a Spiritulist Church. They channel themselves to connect to spirit and through doing this they can convey the messages back to you. They will give the audience information that is coming through for them and ask if a person in the audience can take this information from them, which means do you understand what I am saying?

Sometimes you may go to a meeting in a Spiritulist hall and there may not be anything there for you but you may see the Spiritulist medium connect with other people there. It is always a bit disappointing when you don’t get a message but of course, there is not time to speak to everyone at every meeting. The reason for this is that the Spiritulist can only connect to a spirit if the spirit wants this and if no spirit comes through for a person then the medium cannot pass any information on.

Some things that the medium says may also not make total sense and so you will have to decipher it as the person would have said had they still been alive. The medium can only pass on information if it comes through for them and if it doesn’t then you may sit there for a while and get nothing. But the next time you come to a meeting then you may be given a message, there is no telling when this will happen.

To be a Spiritulist medium can take a lot of hard work and a long time. You have to have the gift first and then you have to practice and learn how to channel and relay the messages that will be given to you. It is a very unique way of helping people who are grieving for their loved ones, to be able to tell them that all is well and that there is life on the other side. It gives the people that are left behind great reassurance that one day they will be meeting up with their loved ones again.

Spiritulist mediums can also help spirits to cross over if needed as some spirits may remain on the earth plane for some reason and need help to go into the light. These spirits are usually known as ghosts who havn’t realized that they have died and so need help to cross over.
So if you want to get a message from someone that you no longer have with you, then visiting a Spiritulist medium is the best thing to do. Although there is no guarantee that you will get a message it is still worth going to a meeting as you will be in wonder at the messages that are passed on to the other people that are there, and you never know this could be the day that someone that you loved, sends you a message, but there is only one way to find out, and that is taking the first step and visiting a Spiritulist church.

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