Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Irish psychics are one of the most popular psychics in the world

Irish psychics are one of the most popular psychics in the world. Some claim that Ireland was the land where the modern spirituality evolved. To their credit, Irish Psychics are renowned for their psychic abilities and fortune reading. Spirituality and services of psychics in Ireland emerged from Northern Ireland where the famous Belfast Spiritual Church is located.

They provide almost all the services of psychics, both indoor and at their offices. Online services are one of the most popular modes which people prefer as it retains their right to privacy. Also, for those who live in remote areas, websites are vital medium of serving the clients. Over the phone, Irish psychics provide free services for almost five minutes and for the later part of the service, they charge their clients depending upon the nature of services.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Finding psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and psychic reading SERVICES.....

Find psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and SERVICES that offer highly discounted first time offers, and trial readings for the public. Many of the best psychics and services will offer a "test" reading for your first experience for 2 big reasons:

1 - It gives THEM the opportunity to see if they really connect with you or not. A BAD connection (or no connection at all) does a reputable reader no more good than it does you. (and often they will feel WORSE about it than they're clients do)

2 - The BIG secret of psychic is this: They make their income off of repeat or regular sitters, clients and callers. If you DO have a great experience, even if they "give away" their first reading, they know you will call back if you're impressed, and long term relationships are the LIFEBLOOD of any good, professional intuitive who was a big picture perspective about their brand and business.

(and if you LOOK, there are many who offer trial readings for $10 or even less... )

The ONE thing to avoid are high hype, 100% free style offers that look too good to be true. They rarely are... and I encourage you to use your INTUITION and trust your gut if you see something that sounds like a scam, it probably IS.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Are Free Tarot readings Safe?

Free tarot reading is safe as long as a sufficient amount of online research is done and genuine psychics are found online. Some websites provide communication via emails while some other websites provide video chat with a psychic.

One way to determine whether a website is genuine or not, is to check the user testimonials. Free online tarot reading is a safe and satisfactory medium if you know where to look.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Can Levitation Occur In a Development Circle

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This is an interesting question. Levitation is actually psycho kinesis and although linked to psychic ability, it usually happens spontaneously by an intuitive as far as I am aware. It is something that is used by magicians for magic tricks. Guru’s in India and probably elsewhere are known to do this while doing their mediation.

There are basically two kinds of Levitation. There is the psychic kind of levitation and the magic kind. The magic kind is a learned illusion. And the psychic kind is real and comes with both meditation and mind control. Can it occur in a development circle? Yes, it could if the person was advanced enough in spirit, to be able to achieve it. I feel that this is an extremely rare occurrence. I do not say that it can not happen but it is more likely to happen to a trance medium than in a normal psychic development circle. Can people do this while under a psychic trance? I suspect that they might well be able to, although I personally have never witnessed it, and rather doubt that I ever will. There have been people through time that have levitated and had witnesses to this fact. However, they were not ordinary people, like you and I. These people were regarded as great religious beings. Some were even Canonized as a result of being witnessed doing this by Popes. Levitation has been used since the very earliest times and levitating objects is one of the suspected means of building the ancient monoliths and places like Coral Castle and the pyramids.

I few young teenagers were said to have witnessed the builder of Coral Castle humming a tune while levitating the huge blocks of Coral into place. This could never be verified however and Edward Leedskalnin went to his grave without revealing the secret of how he built this place. It is said that people can make objects levitate by using certain vibrations and this I find far more credible. This was said to have been done by Tibetan monks and was both witnessed and photographed by a German doctor. Unfortunately these photographs were confiscated by the society Dr Jang was working for and classified as secret. It was said that they were classified until 1990 however I have found no evidence of them anywhere since that date. Maybe the place to find evidence is in Tibet? It is basically an anti gravity force being used. And it appears the way to do it is using certain sounds. Maybe if we make our own bodies stiff enough we could levitate by using Tibetan singing bowls?

All of this is conjecture as there is no proof other than huge ancient ruins like Stonehenge and the Pyramids. I have seen photographs of people in the East levitating so it is obviously possible but the likelihood of this happening in a British psychic development circle must be so remote as to defy imagination.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Are The Advantages of Psychic Spells

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Many people consider psychic spells to always be witch craft. Spells are really requests for a certain outcome. Spells are cast across the board and are not only found in witch craft. In fact some people even say that the bible has spells in it.

Consider what a spell really is. It is a request to a higher power to help you obtain a particular thing: Be it help to find work. Help to get someone to like you (for example a wish for a return of love) or wish to move on in life. Many people approach a psychic to get a reading with regard to a certain wish in their hearts. This wish, although many do not really voice it as such, is a request to cast a spell. I think this fact is often the basis for the fear of readings by many different cultures and religions. When one considers that a person who is a psychic and has psychic powers, they are making a connection to a higher power to request information or help in a particular field on be half of another. One way of giving a reading is find out what the current out come of a situation will be if you continue down the same path. Many times the querant wants to know how to change that path to get the desired out come. Asking for a change in path is basically asking for a mini spell you can use for yourself to gain your wish in life. Does it work? Certainly it does. However you also need to do the work.

It is no good asking for a spell to help you find work if you sit at home and do absolutely nothing about it. You need to put yourself in the path of the work for work to appear on the horizon. Once it appears on the horizon, it is also no good if you do not grasp the opportunity. Cause and effect are all part and parcel of the entire sequence of events. Basically it goes like this. You need work > you ask a psychic for a reading in this direction> that intuitive asks a higher power on your behalf> the answer comes in a form like look in this direction> two things can happen> one: the querant can sit at home do nothing and no job will magically appear> two: the querant sends out resumes to all related industries, looks in newspapers and on line, resulting in several opportunities emerging. They go dressed properly for the position, with all facts of their ability with them, and they get the job. Do you see how things can work for you by using spells?

It is vitally important not to become totally addicted to readings. You need to live your life to grow both in experience and character. A psychic is a communicator for you between this world and another. They are not here to experience your life for you, nor can you rely on them to alter your life. You are the only person that has to do that. That is your job.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

What Is Physical Mediumship

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Physical mediumship produces different manifestations and many effects that feature in our material senses, that which can be seen, heard or touched. Some of these effects include the transportation of bodies and objects, the movement of inert things, sounds, direct writing, healing and so on.  To make physical mediumship possible, a medium of physical effects must be available. The spirit then uses the fluids produced from the medium and mixes them with its magnetic fluids to get the force that makes the phenomena possible. It is believed that the principles of life dwell in the universal fluid; the fluid is the main catalyst to spiritual revelations and that it also gets its strength from the spirits. When the fluid is condensed, it is believed that a perispirit resides in it. Whenever the fluid is in an incarnated state, it’s united with the body unlike when it’s free in an erratic state.

During the process of physical mediumship, an object is set in motion, it’s then carried away or raised above in the air; the spirit saturates it using its fluid together with that of the medium. In this phenomenon, the object in subject acts as a living being without a will of its own; it obeys all the impulsions conveyed to it and does the will of the spirit. When the object is in motion, the spirit does not lift, push or seize it as we do with our human hands.

Physical mediumship occurs regardless of whether the spirit is rapping an object, moving an object or articulating different sounds in the air. In either of the cases, a physical medium must be present for such occurrence to take place. Some other important points to note are as listed below: -

i. All physical mediums do not have an equal potential. Depending on different factors such as the combination of fluids, powerfulness of the spirit, natural fluid combinations, fluidic power among others, mediums can produce lesser or greater results.

ii. In mediumship spirits may call on other spirits to assist them in producing phenomena. Physical occurrences are mostly produced by inferior spirits who have not been completely detached from material influences. If an inferior spirit wants to produce greater effects, he must employ the help of more superior spirits qualified for the kind of work.

iii. All spirits do not understand all mechanisms. Some spirits are more advanced than others; this is seen in the way they perform or respond to different occurrences. The elevated spirits are superior and advanced than the inferior ones; they produce effects by action of their own will.

iv. The will of the medium adds more strength to the power of the spirits. In other words this is to say that the will of the medium is not always obligatory. A given occurrence may take place against the will of the medium to prove that an independent cause is at work.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Ancient psychics and the evolution into present day psychics

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Psychics have been present throughout ancient times with the most famous ancient psychics existing during the times of the Greek civilizations. They played major roles in the day-to-day lives of the ordinary people of that time. They were mainly advisors and prophets. They also took up roles as religious leaders. They shared an oracle with the Romans and through their interactions, the culture spread to the Roman Empire. These psychics were most useful in wars and the commanders of the various armies of that time used their advice to formulate war strategies that were often very successful.

During these ancient times, astrology was the most common figure of psychic powers. The practice involved observance of bodies like stars, moon and planets to tell the fate of people. It was quite successful and therefore many people trusted the readings that they got. Ancient psychics also got involved in activities like fortune telling through direct visions and premonitions. Through these, they were able to tell of what will happen in the near or far future.

In the ancient civilization of Egypt, psychics were essential parts of the royal court and their advice was much trusted by the pharaohs. However, this great trust in their advice held them accountable in case of failure. Some of the rulers went as far as executing them should the predictions fail to come true. For example in war if they lost due to wrong advice from the psychics, they were imprisoned or executed.

The belief in psychics stated dying with the advent of Judaism and later Christianity and Islam. Their teachings condemned the belief in psychic abilities as evil and discouraged it. Their practice of consulting the dead wise men was taken over by prayers to God. This contributed to the loss of popularity and as the world developed, they became less common.

However, this does not mean that people do not have even the slightest faith in them. In the modern world, they still have a niche in the market since people want to know what the future holds for them. Walking down a street in any major city of the world there is bound to be a sign board advertising the services of a psychic. People still believe in the psychic readings especially when they are desperate. The internet is also another avenue for consulting psychics. They have websites and some are available for video calls when consulting.

In modern research, archeologists have made use of psychics to find archeological artifacts in the various archeological sites. This has been widely criticized as unethical. However this has not stopped those who believe in these powers from continuing with their activities. They argue that any means that yields results in the search for archeological artifacts is worth the trouble.

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